Clean up campaign and awareness


IMG20210110084956Rasuwa, Resources Himalaya Foundation has been working on sustainable management of solid waste in Dr Pralad Yonzon Red Panda Trekking Trail and Gosaikunda Trekking Trail of Lamtang National Park, Rasuwa district, awarded by European Outdoor Conservation Association. Every year, the European Outdoor Conservation Association calls for nomination of award from around the world on various wildlife, sanitation campaigns, and environmental protection. On this basis, the preamble of the Clean-up Himalaya to Sustain High Altitude Heritage, Nepal was among the best in various genres around the world.137381391_3917000528364254_8305305332855291961_n

 During the January 2021, clean up campaign and awareness campaign in three school premises, local community and touristic areas of Dhunche, Syafrubesi and Thulosyafru. One day workshop program on sustainable solid waste management and eco-friendly behavior in torusim business in Dhunche, Syafrubesi and Thulosyafru.

The campaign was organized by Resources Himalaya Foundation with the support of the Gosaikunda Rural Municipality, conducted in Ward Nos. 5 and 6. One hundred and six people had participated in the awareness and clean up campaign campaign. Among them, thirteen volunteers had come from Kathmandu to clean the area. Field Officer, Haribol Acharya, said that local organizations like Saksham Society Nepal, LACCOS, AKIAS, Manekor Society Nepal, Ama Samuha and others participated in this campaign. He said that the local people fully supported this campaign.A total of one hundred and fourteen students and teachers from Shree Rasuwa Secondary School, Shree Bhimsen Lower Secondary School and Shree Cumin Syamewangfel Secondary School has participated in awareness and clean-up campaigning Dhunche, Syafruh and Thulobharku. Similarly, the organization is preparing 50 dustbins for the installation in Dr Pralad Yonzon Red Panda Trekking Trail and Gosaikunda Trekking Trail. Chairman of Gosaikunda Rural Municipality, Kaisang Nurpu Tamang, said that more tourists could be attracted with the proper solid waste management and eco-friendly tourism campaign. Once in a month, one local citizen scientist has been involve in collection of solid waste from the both trekking trails.136965949_10158798750572726_2306170131290960057_o