Uliric Friebel: a truly Nepal-Nature loving int’l group leader

phurpa Tamang 2012

Phurpa Tamang

Uliric Friebel 63, is known in short cut, Uli. He was in Nepal in 1988 first time. At that time he was a young group leader for German Friends of Nature. He found Nepal is also a better place of tourism destination in the world. Since then, he is bringing his German groups to visit Nepal. He visited Everest, Annapurna, Mt. Kailash, Ruby valley, Tamang heritage, Langtang, Gosaikunda, Helembu, Panchpokhari, Manakamana, Chitwan, Lumibini etc. He also has experience of expeditions. He climbed Yalapeak, Cherko-Ri etc. And crossed Ganjala, Thorangla high peaks as leading group leader.FB_IMG_1479389455988

I met him in 1994 and since then we have contact till now. He took me as local guide in 2007 in Tamang heritage trail. We had short trek from Kathmandu to Syaphrubesi, Chilime, Nakthali, Thuman and back to Kathmandu.
During the trek we exchanged our knowledge. He taught me the knowledge and skills of trekking and expeditions. He knows the stories of Bill Tilman, Tony Huggan, Sir Edmund Hilary, Tenzin Norgey Sherpa and so on. He even has knowledge on Tibet, India and Austria’s trekking. He is my teacher of “Trekking and tourism”.
Again he took me as local cultural guide in 2008 in Tamang heritage with his German group.

We had a long trek in October 2012. It was 18 days trekking. At this time, he promoted me as a
member of the group but not a guide. It was my previleges to go with him and Olaf. Mr. Lok Bahadur Magar and Bipin Lama were our guide. We had 3 porters. Uli does not like to let porters to carry heavy loads. He says-only 15-20 kg. per porter. What a kind hearted man he is! I often get to see more than 40 kg baggages carrying by a porter and tourists go with a small bag in trekking routs. He says- its a kind of exploitation.
Our trek begun from Melamchi bridge, Sindhupalchowk. We reserved a toyota jeep. This jeep was managed by Harka Magar. He is also a trekking guide of German Group which lead by Uli. They have built very closed friendship after working together since 1988.
Then me, Olaf, Uli and our porter Chhowang Lhakpa Tamang begun tre from Helambu to Gosaikunda-Thulo Syaphru andvSyaphrubesi. Mr. Bipin Lama, Lok Bahadur Magar and porter Mr. Chhiring Tamang came to join us in Syaphrubesi.
Next day we moved to Gatlang. Mr. Gombo Tamang, another porter join from there and we 8 people set up our trek to Somdang, Tipling (Dhading) and ended at Arkhet, Gorkha.

Mr. Olaf Kunzmann is also a member of German Friends of Nature and second group leader. This trek was to explore the trail of Ruby valley and advertise in Europe to promote Nepal’s tourism. We had an adventure trek that time. Mr. Olaf is also a Nepal lover trekker. He is also visiting Nepal with his group. These two trekkers are playing role to bring their groups in Nepal and campaigning in Europe. Mr. Uli is also writing tourism promotional write up in German.
He puts strongly his views on Bio-diversity and cultural conservation for Nepal’s tuorism development. Tourists are not only attracted by the himalaya but also from Society’s culture.

This time, he got two weeks holidays in his teaching school. So, he hurried to come to Nepal to utilize the time. He went to Gatlang to see the village after earth quake. He rode motorbike from Sanobharkhu to Gatlang. It was wow!. He said that I am riding motorcycle after 28 years.
He is worried if reconstruction does not revive Tamang house culture. He was talking about beautiful black roofing village of Gatlang.

Onfortunately he could not go to Kyangjen this time. He could not walk up to there. The horse did not like to sit him on his back. He had to return from Lama Hotel.

He missed Langtang and its people.
Before saying good bye after his 21st visit to Nepal and me,  he said- save your culture together with Nepal’s natural beauty. I nodded my head!

He believes in development and progress of Himalaya tourism through equally promotion and conservation of natural beauties and keeping alive of himalaya socio-culture. He even likes to sing Nepali song sung by Narayan Gopal-Euta Manchheko Mayale Farak Pardachha Jindagima. We sang this song in Arkhet, Gorkha at the end of our trek in 2012. Off course, this time too.

Thulo Bharkhu, Rasuwa
November 16, 2016